The crystal oscillator output will differ based on the variations in the loads applied to the oscillator’s output ports. CMOS oscillator has commonly used with 15pF load, but the demand of LVPECL and LVDS has been increased because of the requirement high speed switching. For TCXO, clipped sinewave output is standard, and but CMOS can be used. The application of the load to an oscillator can be largely controlled for most uses of electronic devices, which means that load sensitivity in most high-quality oscillators is not a major concern. Each unit has parameters for the types of output loads and their maximum values to connect properly to the oscillator circuit. It is vital to adhere to the output load specification range for a specific oscillator and to refrain from exceeding its output load capacity so that the oscillator is able to vibrate steadily at a consistent frequency for the expected duration of its lifetime.

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